Thursday 11 September 2014

Recipe: The Flamingo

In an attempt to desperately cling onto summer, we embraced one of the last hot days of the year and made a cocktail to go with it! We realise the vodka is hilariously large, don't worry it's not all going in!

You will need: 
orange juice
two heaped teaspoons of sugar
a good handful of any berries (we used frozen because they're cheap but fresh are good too)
peach schnapps

Firstly, add your berries to a blender

Pour in enough orange juice to cover the berries

Add a little sugar depending on your sweet tooth, we added two teaspoons. Blend together.

Fill a jug with ice then sieve the blended berry mixture into it

This drink is best served extra cold so make sure you have plenty of ice!

Add three shots of vodka to the jug

Then add three shots of peach schnapps

Add around 300ml orange juice

Top up with lemonade then give it a good mix.

And you're done! A perfectly pink cocktail for a lazy summer afternoon.

dress: the whitepepper, socks: topshop, shoes: converse, 

sunglasses: rayban, top: american eagle, belt: primark, skirt: h&m, shoes: dorothy perkins

Let us know if you give this a try! 

Tuesday 9 September 2014

That's what she read: September

We've always been avid readers of pretty much anything and everything and have been sharing and recommending books to each other since we first met. There were many days when we would turn up to school, arms laden with books to exchange, excited to read whatever the other had to offer. We essentially started our own private book club, which has continued for years. We've both really enjoyed our books this month and so we thought we'd share with you what we've been reading!

Read: Room, Emma Donoghue
This book is brilliant, I can't emphasise how much i enjoyed reading it enough and it's definitely not my usual read. It's a story told from the perspective of a five year old boy who is living in a room with his mother. I really don't want to give away more than that as it's best read properly spoiler free! The narration can take a bit of time to get used to but it's definitely worth the effort. It's one of the most tense books I've read, I read it cover to cover in one go, I literally didn't put it down! It's a clever novel made even more harrowing reading from the voice of a child.

To Read: Gone Girl, Gillian Flynn

Read: The Secret History, Donna Tartt
This book is narrated by a working-class Classics student who has earned himself a place at an expensive and elitist college. His course consists of only five other students, all of whom are seemingly wealthy and rather obsessed with their subject. The link with Classics in strong throughout the book, with many parallels to Greek tragedy. I love this book as the story opens with a murder, and then looks back to the events beforehand. You're gripped from the start and as you read on, knowing what is coming, the question of  'why' is answered. I have been so impressed with this book, I cannot wait to read Tartt's most recent novel, The Goldfinch.

To Read: The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle, Haruki Murakami


If you've read any of these books, let us know what you thought of them! And please feel free to comment with any recommendations!

Sunday 7 September 2014

Recipe: Easy Salsa

Just a little extra post today to give your our fabulous/ridiculously easy salsa recipe! 

You will need: 
half a small red onion
small clove of garlic
cherry tomatoes (3 pp depending on how many of you there are!)
salt and pepper
olive oil

Dice your red onion.

Finely chop your garlic (crushing it works fine too).

Cut the tomatoes into quarters.

Drizzle with olive oil and add a squeeze of lemon then season well. You can also add a little chilli oil or chilli flakes at this point if you like salsa with heat!

This salsa is really yummy and really cheap to make (probably cost around 40p) why buy it in a pot when you can make your own?!

Wednesday 3 September 2014

Recipe: Quesadilla

We both absolutely love making and eating Mexican food so we thought we'd share our delicious and really simple Quesadilla recipe with you. It's easy to make and easy to adapt and change according to your taste! This recipe serves four people and makes four tortillas

You will need: 
Tortilla wraps 
Cream Cheese
2 large chicken breasts or four small ones (this is optional if you don't eat meat!)
half an onion (can be red or white depending on what you like/have in)
a pepper
6 fairly large mushrooms
tomato paste
one medium sized clove of garlic
salt + pepper
worcestershire sauce

Firstly, chop the chicken into small chunks

Fry off the chicken in a small amount of oil in a preheated pan, make sure the chicken sizzles when it hits the pan! Turn the heat down to medium.

What you season your chicken with is really up to you, but we used plenty of paprika, salt and pepper on ours!

Dice an onion and throw it in the pan once the chicken is seared on both sides. Chop up your pepper and mushrooms and add to your pan once the onions have started to soften.

Crush/slice/dice/chop (however you like your garlic) and add to the mixture along with the tomato paste, ketchup, lemon and worcestershire sauce. Season to taste.

Leave your mixture on a low heat and prepare your tortillas. Spread your cream cheese onto one side of two wraps.

Spoon your filling onto the tortilla and spread around. 

Try not to overfill or spread too close to the edges or it will fall out in the pan!

Place the quesadilla into a dry pan on a medium heat. Leave to crisp up for 2-3 minutes.

This part can be a little tricky but trust us this is the easiest way we've found of doing it! You'll need to flip your quesadilla over so the other side crisps up nicely. Place a plate on top of your pan.

Holding the plate on top of the pan, flip the pan over so the plate is on the bottom

Voila! Flipped quesadilla. 

Then slide it back into the pan and wait another couple of minutes until the wrap is crunchy.

We served ours with a homemade salsa (recipe to come soon!) but it's also great with salad!

Other things you could include in the filling are sweetcorn, bacon, mozzerella cheese, salami, spinach and basically anything that's good in fajitas or on a pizza is good in this!

We've been asked a few times about what we're wearing so we're going to start including little outfit photos at the end.

jeans: Topshop, top: Gap, boots: Next

shirt: Ralph Lauren mens, necklace: Tiffany belt: Primark, jeans: H&M (also know as bargain of the century - £2 in the sale!!) flats: Marks and Spencer

Let us know if you try this recipe!

Monday 1 September 2014


Our local town, Huddersfield, has always been the destination of choice for our nights out. We even have a routine – pre-drinks at someone’s house, taxi into town, head to Yates for a few of their £5 pitchers, then on to the only club. It’s been our standard practise since we turned 18 – we’re going to have to start being more adventurous. So when a night out was suggested, shockingly we decided to stick to our tried and tested routine.

 dress: topshop, boots: topshop, necklace: river island

 top: h&m, jeans: miss selfridge, shoes: 'from a shop in budapest'

 dress: boohoo, belt: zara, necklace: tiffanys

Prinks is always one of the most enjoyable parts of a night out! It’s where you get to chat, play games and is one of the only times of the night you can actually be heard. The general rule is BYOB, but once you’re a couple of drinks down everyone gets pretty generous and all drink becomes fair game.

The best part of prinks is the games. Make no mistake, no matter how well you get on with your friends usually; during drinking games people are ruthless, especially if they’re trying you to get drunk. Some of our favourite games include; word disassociation, a ship came to harbour, ring of fire, arrogance, and the owl game (this once resulted in us receiving a warning from our hotel about the loud owl noises coming from our room!).

 On this occasion prinks was the only part of the night. When we arrived in town we realised pretty quickly that the night would not be a success. Most bars were closed, the ones that were open were almost dead and after sitting in the empty club for an hour, completely confused by the situation, we were kicked out for it to shut early. Not our best night, but to be honest it probably wasn’t our worst either. At least we had prinks!

 And to complete our standard ritual, we all returned home to our typical post-night out snack – crisp sandwiches. Always a winner.

Oh and please remember – never feel pressured to drink just because your friends are! There is nothing wrong with choosing to just drink coke or water on a night out and don’t let anyone make you think otherwise.  Plus it will work out a whole lot cheaper for you!