Friday 31 October 2014

Why don't skeletons go to parties? Because they have no body to dance with

One cold autumn eve the winds start to change 
And it as it grows dark the carved faces grin.
Something in the air is feeling quite strange,
There's knocks on the door but noone's let in.
It's not every day you see a drunk ghost,
Stumbling witches propped up by their brooms.
Staggering zombies down pints with a boast,
Mummies that need to go back to their tombs.
Men dressed as heroes, Elvis and babies,
The bunnies are out and all dressed in leather,
Women dressed as men and men dressed as ladies,
Scantily clad in spite of the weather.
But can these costumes truly disguise,
The real monsters that lay dormant in side?

This is a sonnet I wrote for a poetry class I took at university, felt very appropriate to share this with you today!



We're feeling very seasonal at the moment, what with Halloween and the weather changing. Autumn is an unusual season, there's so much beauty in the decaying nature, with the crunch of the leaves and the rain pattering at the windows. It's a time of change and a season of anticipation for the winter, so inspired by this we've decided to share some of our favourite things about autumn with you all!

Autumn inspired makeup is easily one of our favourite looks in the year, it moves away from summer neon shades and eases us into the deep reds and gold sparkles of winter. With warm browns, deep berry reds and our favourite red lip ever, Mac - Russian Red, we love how these looks can suit all skin tones. Those afraid to step out into a bold lip, a berry lip-stain is an excited compromise!

Is there anything better than snuggling up to a pet when the weather's cold? Especially ones as majestic as Atticus and Charlie! Although we've noticed that our pets also do not like the cold, and tend to gravitate towards the warm things in the house, i.e. laptops, blankets and general personal space..

This is a suitably autumnal bake, using warming spices to make this excellent and deliciously soft carrot and walnut muffins with a cream cheese frosting. Recipe will appear on the blog soon!

We're both notoriously bad enablers when it comes to shopping together, we spur each other to 'just try it on, what's the harm??' and usually end up spending all our wages and suffering from a sad yet stylish case of buyers guilt. That being said, we love shopping for the new season, we tend to have a few shopping trips a year where the excuse for buying things we don't need is 'but it's (insert season/seasonal activity here) soon!' and come home with some lovely stuff. Autumn fashion is always a great time to embrace purples, reds, beiges and browns and we take full advantage of this. (L: little side note - any readers with red hair, do not be afraid to wear these colours! I think the clash of ginge with deep reds looks lovely, embrace the bold!)

What are your favourite things about Autumn? Are you excited for the festive season yet? (Actually heard Last Christmas whilst walking around Boots today - too soon!)

Tuesday 28 October 2014


Hello! This post is a quick update to explain our absence and what we've been doing over the last few weeks. We took an unintentional hiatus as we've both recently got new jobs and this has taken over a little but we'll be back blogging very soon with some exciting posts ahead! Our jobs are both in the same store, which was a happy coincidence, especially when our shifts are at the same time!


L: A few weeks ago got a full time job as a Barista at Costa! As I was a waitress before, I feel like I've taken to this job pretty quickly. The only thing I'm not used to is the volume of hours, my body is not used to full time work yet! I am enjoying my experience so far though, I can make most of the coffees (except a damn flat white, I've been told practise is the only way to crack them so I've been making several a day) and recently got a little promotion! When I'm not working at the moment i'm either sleeping, reading or squeezing in time with the boyfriend, I've read some really addictive books recently though, watch this space for our books of the month post soon! I've also been LOVING the autumnal weather we've been having, so ready for the winter now. October - December always fly by, definitely my favourite time of year!

S: So for just over a month now I have been working at Next. I've been picking up as many hours as I can to save up the money, which has resulted in a lot of 9 o'clock finishes! I'm really enjoying it so far, everyone has been super friendly and the other week a customer praised me to my manager, which was so nice to hear. I've been spending my time off either cuddled up with my cats watching Twin Peaks (ahhh i'm addicted!) or baking an excessive amount of lemon-based treats. I have also been listening to Taylor Swift's new album on an endless loop since it came out the other day and I am LOVING it! My favourite songs at the moment are Blank Space, Out of the Woods and Clean, but to be honest it changes with every listen! The album makes me want to just dance around my room and ignore my responsibilities, which is pretty much all I have been doing.