Tuesday 22 July 2014


Despite attending different universities, our first days of term fell on the same date. So almost three years later, after battling through hours and hours of exams and essays, our degrees were over and it was rather fitting that our graduation ceremonies fell on the same day too. 

S: I personally found graduation to be a little overhyped. Apart from the rare moments during the ceremony when someone would take a selfie with the chancellor, the whole thing was rather dull. I much preferred the post-ceremony celebrations - free Pimms woo! It was lovely spending the day with my friends and family, and there was such a sense of occasion it was impossible not to feel slightly excited! However, as the day wound down there was a sense of "what now?" which has remained with me since. Panic has set it - the job hunt is on.

L: Graduating for me felt a little surreal, as soon as I had the hat forcibly pressed onto my head I was just overwhelmed with one big 'whaaaaaat'. Like Sophie's day, mine was also a little dull until it got to my time to walk across the stage, i've never been so nervous about walking 20 metres before! Luckily I didn't have a little fall or flash or slip or do anything to embarrass myself, I even got some 'woos' from the audience which pleased me immensely! Had a chance to take a few pictures with the boyfriend and his family met my family for the first time (really strange!) The day was over really quickly, like my time at university itself, now to decide what I'm doing with my life!


  1. Aw I'm so glad you got around to doing this Lizzie- really looking forwards to updates =)