Monday 17 November 2014

Recipe: Hot Toddy

Winter is fast approaching and we're fully in hot drink season. This classic recipe filled with warmth and winter spices is guaranteed to make you feel better if you have a cold. We've found that it helps you breathe a lot easier and clears up any sniffles. Funny how whisky has that affect!

Any whiskey
Cinnamon Stick

Firstly, boil a kettle and add a measure of whiskey to a heat proof glass or mug. A measure is usually plenty, but if you fancy a bit extra, go for it. 

Whilst the kettle is boiling, add the cinnamon stick and a couple of cloves to the whiskey, try not to overdo the cloves as it's a strong flavour! If you have ground cinnamon as opposed to sticks then just add a sprinkle to taste. 

 Place a metal spoon into the glass (this stops it cracking apparently) then pour the hot water into the glass and stir. We'd recommend letting it sit for five to let the flavours blend in. Squeeze a wedge of lemon into glass according to taste, then chuck the wedge in! 

We like this drink for it's warming and medicinal flavours, perfect for a cosy Saturday night!
It warms you through after a day of being out in the cold. 

Let us know if you try it, or comment with your favourite hot drinks for cold days!


  1. I love to have a glass of mulled wine in the evening! It tastes of winter and cozy fireplaces... Or at least I like to think so!
    The Caramel Cat

  2. A hot toddy is the answer to all life's problems. Second runner up would be a winter pimms - have you ever had one? Love your blog by the way!

    Tangled & Enthusiastic