Tuesday 3 February 2015

Yer a Wizard, Harry!

I have visited the Harry Potter studio tour twice now and I still want to see it all again. My first visit was just with my mum and it was rather overwhelming. Then, a year later, my utterly wonderful friends took me back for my 21st birthday.

As I'm sure some of you know, the tour itself is amazing. I'm always in awe at the amount of detail in all the props; from the illustrated pages of a textbook to the cereal boxes in the Burrow! I always find that the little things are the most fun to photograph too, you spot little details you never would have noticed. You can also find golden snitches hidden around the place, usually suspended over doorways - I think there are a certain number to look out for, but I always get swept up in it all and forget to keep track. My absolute favourite part, and the main reason I keep wanting to return is the model of Hogwarts, which I stood and cried at (both times) until ushered away.

Now, having the gift shop located immediately after the model of Hogwarts is clever. I always enter the shop in a very emotional state, in desperate need for some Potter-themed retail therapy. I have to admit that both my visits to the Studio Tour have resulted in me blowing a stupid amount of money and having absolutely no regrets. And I'm not even particularly careless about my spending - I really take my time narrowing down my options! I've spent a good few hours of my life trying to decide if a Quaffle is a decent investment. 

It's been over a year now since my last visit, and I'm definitely in the mood for another trip (and another Butterbeer mug). 

Have you visited the Studio Tour? What was your favourite part?



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