Sunday 19 April 2015

Lizzie goes Skiing!

Now the ski season is over, I've found myself reminiscing about my trip to France at the start of February. I've been a skier since a young age and it's the only sport I can actually say i'm good at, it's my absolute favourite hobby! It gets your heart going, it's fast paced and has fantastic views, what more could you want? My annual trip to Les Gets with family and friends this year was a fantastic one, here's some of the snaps from the week!

Seriously though, this was the view from my room in our family friend's chalet, waking up to this is always an absolute joy.

The genuine bane of my existence is carrying skis, it's so uncomfortable and awkward (massive first world problem - happy to have it!) so when the snow is as amazing as it has been in the last couple of years, we can ski down the actual road home!

Every year we take a trip across the valley to Mont Cherie and stop for usually a leisurely and boozy lunch at a restaurant called the Grand'or. The food is fantastic and just look at that view of Les Gets! Amazing. Plus they have dogs so, it's a happy place for me!

As i'm a pretty confident skier, i'm not one to go for a neutral ski suit, that's me in the middle in the fluorescent yellow zebra all-in-one! I've had this suit for a good six years and it's fully on it's last legs now, but I can't bear to let it go, it definitely makes me easy to spot on the side of a mountain! 

The food and drink is always intensely good when skiing. Always carb heavy and always delicious! I literally can't resist a good goats cheese salad when I see one on a menu, it's an addiction. Below is a picture of what came with a coffee..!

There's such a sense of freedom in skiing that keeps me coming back again and again, there's nothing like pushing myself till my legs burn in deep powder. Already looking forward to my next trip!!



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