Tuesday 19 August 2014

High Tea

When you're as food orientated as we are, finding something good to eat when out and about is essential. High tea is a pretty common addition to menus in cafe's across Yorkshire, however we'd not really tried it before! We decided to try Hannah's Tea Room (L: incidentally where I work as a waitress) for our first experience of high tea with our friend Louise and really enjoyed the experience! It's a very civilised way to spend an afternoon despite being in the middle of Batley...

We decided to get a High Tea for two and split it between us and it was plenty. We each had a sandwich, two cakes and half a scone each, plus a pot of tea. It's lovely to see our lunch so nicely presented before wolfing it down!

The afternoon was filled with talk of future plans, holidays and reminiscing about previous misadventures in Tenerife a few years ago.. We're all heading in very different directions in the next year or so and we're excited to share our journeys with you!

Hannah's also does hot food such as soups, sandwiches and toasties and all the cakes and scones are baked in the attached bakery. 

We realise this is a very quintessential British way to kill an afternoon but we loved that! We're excited to venture further into the world of High Tea and to try making one ourselves (watch this space) Have you tried High Tea before or had something similar? Let us know!

(Hannah's Tea Room is in The Mill, Batley and the High Tea cost under £20 all together)


  1. This looks so freaking delicious and wonderful!
    I've only been to three High Teas before (in the US)... one at the Plaza Hotel, one for a bridal shower, and another for my grandmother's birthday. They were all so fun! I'd really love to do more!

  2. Hi! I have nominated you for a Liebster Award. Go here for questions and rules :) http://mylifeascaoimhe.blogspot.ie/2014/08/liebster-award.html

  3. This looked delicious! Loving your blog and all your photos are amazing quality! What camera do you use?

    - Jess xxx


    1. Thank you so much! We use a Canon EOS 1000D to take our photos. Glad you like them! x

  4. This looks unbelievably DELICIOUS!! Love your blog!
    Chic Happiness