Thursday 12 March 2015

Lizzie goes to New York!

In January I went on a trip to a very cold and snowy New York! I first went to New York when I was about sixteen and I've never felt so attached to a city, there's something about it that I'm so drawn to. I've never felt anything but blissfully happy there! We spent most of our time there just walking around and taking in the city, there's just an atmosphere and bustle there that is like nowhere else. Here's a few of the many, many photos from the trip!

Seriously though is there anywhere more amazing than Central Park in the snow?? Magic!!

Visiting the Ground Zero was a really sombre and reflective experience. The site is such a beautiful tribute to those who lost their lives.

Couldn't resist a little trip to the Disney store in Times Square, it just draws me in...


It warmed my heart to see the Empire State building lit up to show solidarity with France #jesuischarlie

 Top of the Rock is always worth a visit, I've been up before and was super excited to go up again! I love the different perspective it offers of the city, in a place where you're constantly looking up, it's such a great experience to look down. Even after seeing this view twice before, it still takes my breath away. 

Our trip to the Museum of Natural History was so interesting, it combined my love of learning and beautiful architecture, plus I hadn't been before so this was high up on my list of places to see! This tree was really cool, was decorated with hundreds of origami animals, as you can see below I was pretty amazed by it.. 

Seeing Phantom of the Opera was genuinely overwhelming. I'd seen the film and watched literally all the Phantom videos on Youtube so I was so excited! There's something so magical about live theatre and I've wanted to see Phantom for years, it was incredible! Our Phantom had a desperation about him that I'd never seen before, I was completely enthralled. Plus our Christine's voice was spectacular, it's a night I'll always remember! 

Being in New York is always an unforgettable experience, I hold every trip very dearly to me, there's something about it that keeps me craving the city. I'm already planning my next visit!



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