Tuesday 17 March 2015

TTDIY: The Alchemist

Going for cocktails has always been a staple night out for us. Although we do enjoy going 'out out', there's just something a bit more special about going out and actually enjoying what we're drinking! We recently went to The Alchemist in the Trinity centre in Leeds, we've tried this bar a couple of times and we loved it so much we felt we just had to do a post on it! This night in particular was a special one as it was for Sophie's leaving night out!

We started off the night at Wagamamas. Won't go into detail as most of us have been to Waga's but it was GOOD.  We're usually katsu curry girls, but we decided to step out of our comfort zones and tried the Raisukaree and the Itame, both of which were so delicious we realised we're going to have to try new things more often. 

The first drinks we had were a 'Lavender Daiquiri', which along with the obvious lavender taste was fresh, sweet, and creamy, and 'The Colour Changing One', which is pretty famous for it's quirky erlenmeyer flasks and well, it's colour change! Not only was this fun to watch but it had a lovely sweet apple taste.

One of the things we love about the Alchemist is the atmosphere. There's always a nice buzz about it no matter when you go and there's a great sense of theatre about it when making the cocktails in front of you! The bartender who looked after us that evening (who unfortunately we didn't get the name of but he took our blog name - hi if you're reading!) was fantastic, he really knew his stuff and seemed to genuinely like his job, which is always a pleasure! 

Next we found we were drawn to maple syrup and whiskey based drinks, so we went for a 'Maple Manhattan' and a 'Tennessee Breakfast'. We realised quickly our choices weren't for the faint hearted, both were pretty strong but very lovely! The Tennessee Breakfast was a twist on a martini, with grapefruit juice, vanilla and Jack daniels and maple foam and the Maple Manhattan was basically just bourbon and maple syrup (L: This was my favourite despite not ordering this for myself!)

Our last choice for the evening took some deciding, the menu is pretty big and really varied so we were spoilt for choice! We settled eventually on a 'Caramelised Rum Punch' and a 'Passionfruit Meringue Martini'. The Rum Punch was delicious, with a strong spiced flavour it was the perfect drink to finish the evening. The martini however was something special, we watched the top being blow torched right before us! It was served with a spoon so you could eat your way through the meringue to the cocktail underneath. It was such a sweet and fruity drink with a nice kick, it seemed like a heavenly dessert.
S: The martini was the best drink I've had in a long time and will absolutely be a staple order for my future Alchemist trips!

Although the Alchemist is lovely, the drinks aren't cheap and you could rack up a hefty tab if you spent a long time there, which is very tempting given how many nice sounding drinks there are! But as far as celebrating an occasion like we were, it's a perfect spot in Leeds. Definitely worth checking out if you're fancying a good spot for cocktails!


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