Tuesday 24 March 2015

What's in my hand luggage?

Unlike Sophie, I'm notoriously not a light packer. I seem to travel with a 'well I use this at home so I'm clearly going to use it when i'm away' attitude, which means I end up with my entire wardrobe plus a desk lamp and dog treats. However that being said, I feel like i'm starting to get my hand luggage packing down to a fine art, some of my choices may seem a little odd but they all have Lizzie logic behind them! I recently went on a couple of holidays to New York and France and this is what I took with me!

My first port of call is always the essentials; passport, phone and purse. Ironically I haven't included my passport in this photo but it's obviously usually in there! My main priorities after this is always headphones and chargers. My Bose sound cancelling headphones are an absolute must on a long haul flight, they are incredible. Put them on and all the noise of the plane is gone and you're free to sleep, or if you're like me, watch films back to back till the end of the flight! Not having a charger when you need one is an absolute mare, especially if you have a long journey and use your phone constantly, I'd feel lost and unsafe without my phone charged!

I'm not sure if this is an uncommon thing, but I now always carry my makeup in my hand luggage. This is mainly because I've recently suffered the devastating moment of opening my Naked2 palette which had been in my suitcase to find all the eyeshadows smashed into a thousand pieces.. (still a sore subject!) I've also been separated from my luggage travelling to New York and not having my makeup bag was one of the most annoying problems! Having really fine hair is a daily struggle but no matter what I do with it before I set off travelling, on the plane it decides to become ridiculously flat. Because of this i've started bringing VO5 texturising powder and my beloved travel Tangle Teezer. If you don't have a Tangle Teezer yet get one in your life, they're a game changer! The texturising powder I find really useful, it's powder so it's cool to take on a plane and just gives my hair that little boost it needs.

Flights without little seat back television's mean I have to take plenty of activities (twenty-two going on twelve I know) so my old faithful copy of Wuthering Heights came with me on both holidays this year, as did my Nintendo DS! Haven't played on it in years but when I found Animal Crossing in my cupboard I became slightly addicted to it.. My little Moleskine notebook comes literally everywhere with me. I've had it since high school and there's something so nice having a little pocket book of memories to keep topping up. I also bring my retainer as I had my braces off only last year so I'm a massively keen about keeping my teeth perfect, a long flight is an easy place to get some time with it on in!

So the bag.. I'd been lusting after another Mulberry bag for quite a long time and I'd had some savings burning a hole in my pocket, so one snowy day in the York Mulberry outlet I decided to go for it!! It's quite hard to capture the colour on camera but it's a gorgeous granite grey colour. Not only is it beautiful and smells incredible, it's the most practical bag I own. Little pockets for my phone and jewellery, and ample space for the large amount of crap I carry round with me on a daily basis!

If you could just take one thing on the plane for an entire flight, what would you take? Mine would be a good book! 


9. Buy myself something extravagant 


  1. Such a good post!! I'm loving the handbag - it's classic and gorgeous!! :) Love your photos, they're all so cute!!

    On a flight if I could only take one thing it would be my phone as I can turn it onto airplane mode, read books, listen to music and play games haha! :)

    Layla xx